Her 40th anniversary album is titled, 'Manhole' and everyone from Jefferson Starship (1974) performed on the LP except Papa John Creech.

If you're trying to find it you would need to look in the catalog under Grace Slick as it's considered her first solo album. Released January 4th, 1974.

The album was recorded as a soundtrack for a movie that never happened. The name of the movie, 'Manhole.' Either way the album was released.

'Manhole' LP, YouTube
'Manhole' LP, YouTube


Original LP track list:

Side 1:

  1. "Jay"
  2. "Theme from the movie Manhole"



Side 2:

  1. "Come Again? Toucan"
  2. "It's Only Music"
  3. "Better Lying Down"
  4. "Epic No.38"

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Grace Slick feat. Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship/keyboardist), "Better Lying Down":

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