Joni's album release in 1974 was titled, 'Court and Spark' , available January 17th, 1974.

Joni began recording solo albums in 1968 and had one every year by 1974. in fact; her last two made the Top 10.

In '73 she didn't come out with an album but most that year she worked on 'Court and Spark'.

'Court and Spark' would be he most successful album she ever made.

Original LP track list:

Court and Spaprk LP, YouTube
Court and Spaprk LP, YouTube

Side 1:

  1. "Court and Spark"
  2. "Help Me"
  3. "Free Man in Paris"
  4. "People's Parties"
  5. "Same Situation"

Side 2:

  1. "Car on a Hill"
  2. "Down to You"
  3. "Just Like This Train"
  4. "Raised on Robbery"
  5. "Trouble Child"
  6. "Twisted"

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Joni Mitchell, "Free Man In Paris":

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