Pizza.  It's some people's favorite food.  It has all 4 food groups, depending on the type of pizza you like.  It's like the perfect food.

When I have lived in other cities where they had a Happy Joe's restaurant, it was one of our favorite pizza places.  Especially the taco pizza.  I know that other pizza restaurants have taco pizzas, but Happy Joe's, in my opinion, has the best one that I have tried.

Currently there is a Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream restaurant in Crookston and also one in New Ulm.  No where near St. Cloud.  Which is a shame.  But - they are looking to expand to more locations in Minnesota.

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According to the Pizza Marketplace website, Happy Joes is looking to expand with at least 6 more locations in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, for right now... none of those are in St. Cloud either.  But, it is getting closer.

The restaurants are scheduled to be open by late 2024 or early 2025, and will be situated south and east of the Twin Cities, throughout Washington, Dakota, Ramsey and Hennepin counties. These new Minnesota locations will join the Happy Joe's restaurants already serving in the New Ulm and Crookston areas.

If these locations are successful, there is a chance that they may expand to more...possibly in St. Cloud?  I think people in this area like pizza, so why not?  I think we have already cornered the market with chicken fast food, so why not a new pizza place?

Holding out hope.

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