Hank Hill is asking, "hhWhat the hell is wrong with you all?"

It's National BBQ Day (5/16/24)! The best BBQ fuel - according to basically everyone except that aforementioned Hank Hill - is charcoal. Here's a refresher if you need one.

How To Grill With Charcoal

#1: Prep the Grill

  • empty out old ash
  • use a stiff bristled brush to clear off the grates

#2: Enter the Charcoal...but how much?

  • for high heat (450 to 550 degrees) you'll want 4 pounds (about 100 briquets) of charcoal
  • for medium heat (350 to 450 degrees) you'll want 2 pounds (about 50 briquets) of charcoal
  • for low heat (250 to 350 degrees) you'll want 1 pound (about 25 briquets) of charcoal

#3: Light 'em Up!

  • whether you cheat and use lighter fluid or suffer and try to light it raw, make sure they're good and burning
  • when the coals are covered in gray ash (about 10 minutes), they're ready for grilling
  • for lower heat, spread the lit charcoal into a thin layer; for higher heat, make the pile more concentrated and deeper

#4: Preheat the Grate FIRST

  • to avoid food stickage, put the grate on the grill and let it get hot for a few minutes
  • put cooking oil on a paper towel, grab it with your tongs (click twice, first), and rub it onto the grate

#5: GRILL!

  • use an instant read food thermometer to make sure the food is properly cooked
  • don't overload the grate; make sure there's a bit of room between items getting grilled

#6: Cool Them Coals

  • the easy (lazy) way to cool the coals is to put the lid back on the grill, close the vents, and let it sit for 2 days
  • the more aggressive way to cool the coals is to slowly pour water on the coals

Don't leave food sitting out for too long, and avoid putting out the sides until the grillin' is almost done.

Happy grillin'!

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H/T: Kingsford


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