If you enjoy a hard seltzer, this festival is for you!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

It seems that lately almost every beer manufacturer and many others have some sort of hard seltzer.  They have become very popular because of the low calorie, low or no sugar content and sometimes higher alcohol content.  They generally have as much as a regular beer, if not more.

I'll admit, some of those hard seltzers are much better than others.  Along with the flavors.  I love the fact that you can buy the variety packs.  That way you know which ones you like...  then you can choose to buy just that flavor if you'd like.  I usually stick to the variety packs- something for everyone.

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Next month, May, there is going to be a hard seltzer festival in Minneapolis.  It's Seltzerland and will feature more than 50 different hard seltzer flavors.

Seltzerland, a nationally touring event by Cannonball Productions, will be held at Theodore Wirth Par 3 Golf Course in Minneapolis on May 15. 

The people that are running this festival say that they want to provide a fun, safe and socially distant event.  So- do expect to see some of the COVID protocols that we've been used to for the last year or more.  But at least we are getting back to some of the fun things and events that we all love to do here in Minnesota.

The event made its first appearance in Minneapolis last fall and it sold out. Tickets for this year's event are $29 for the 2.5-hour experience and are available online here, with a portion of ticket sales going to Voices for Racial Justice. (VIP tickets are $49.)

Note that when you do buy a ticket, you will get a "tee time", this will allow for the social distance for a group of 20 or less every 10 minutes.

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