Personally, I’m an enormous fan of rock music. Particularly progressive and psychedelic rock. I jam Tool, Pink Floyd, Mastodon, and Porcupine Tree religiously. There’s something about the adrenaline of aggressive, weird music that puts a smile on my face.

Especially if whatever I’m listening to happens to be a concept album. I LOVE concept albums. But lately I’ve come to appreciate the softer side of music as well. A well placed ballad or acoustic piece can really tug at the old heart strings. My new found love for acoustic music has me excited to see Harper’s Chord perform this summer.

They’re a local music group who have a grass-roots, back porch, organic feel to them. I dig their style. If you’re interested in seeing them play, you can check out their performance at Munsinger Gardens (St. Cloud) on July 22nd.  The show starts at 2 pm and admission is free.

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