I can't tell you how many times I've almost hugged someone this past week alone. I've been vaccinated. I feel good. I like to show my friends, my family, my co-workers, that I love them! Cause I do!

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I've always been a hugger. Every time I see a friend somewhere, I want to give them a greeting hug.


The problem is it's not okay to hug people yet...right? There are so many situations where I've been in "their space."  I realize it AFTER the fact, which is never a good time. I wonder if they are offended? You would think by now, I would get that out of my system, but you can't take the hug out of the girl.


I was at the gym yesterday and walked right by one of my friends. I try not to stare at people when I go to the gym because I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable going there, so I just wasn't looking at them.  Then they said, "Hi Kelly!" Of course, then I looked and felt silly for not seeing them when they were right next to me. I felt so silly for not seeing them, that I laughed and went in for a hug. I caught myself, mid hug and turned it into a half-assed shoulder grab.  I'm hoping they realized what that was...cause it was really awkward, like something of Seinfield.


I also noticed that my workout coach shaved his beard. Of Course, I was like "Wow! You look so different." I was smiling and then reached to put my arm around his shoulder, and realized what I was doing. It turned into another awkward shoulder tap...squeeze, awkward move.

Is anyone else stuck in this mode? If I come at you with a hug and then turn it into an awkward shoulder grab, please forgive the mess. I really just want you to know I care.


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