There has been a lot of sitting around watching movies at home with the family.  It's been kind of a bummer not to be able to go to the theatre for the whole "theatre" experience.  But now, you can get some theatre popcorn to go along with your at home movie nights.


This deal is going on tomorrow (Friday), April 3 thru Sunday, April 5 from 4-8pm each day for curbside pick-up. And it's a pretty good deal too in two different sizes.  $10 for the family size (2 large popcorns) or $20 for the Party size (5 large popcorns).

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Here is how to order:

Call the theatre at 320-230-0061 during pickup hours to reserve your order and time.  Then, simply drive to the theatre.  They will have the order ready.

This weekend enjoy some movie theatre popcorn with your movie at home!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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