Have you had a chance to go to the Minnesota Zoo and chec out the tree-top walking trail?  This winter has been so weird compared to other (normal) winters, might be a great time to plan a trip to the Minnesota Zoo.

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About a year and a half ago, we told you about the new treetop trail that was to open in place of the monorail that couldn't be kept up anymore.  So, the idea was to replace it with this cool feature.

It is now open, and you can enjoy it all year round.

Treetop Trail: The Treetop Trail is now open daily and is included with general Zoo admission. During cold-weather months, the Treetop Trail will open, weather permitting, by noon each day to allow for any needed snow removal and winter maintenance. The trail will close 30 minutes prior to the Zoo’s closing time.

Time to plan a trip to the zoo!


Since the Minnesota Zoo opened, I have loved it.  When I was a kid, the only zoo that was available was the Como Zoo. While that was still a great experience, rides, and other fun things, the Minnesota Zoo took the zoo experience to another level by adding "animals in their own habitat" at least as much as they can.  It's so much better than just seeing animals in a cage, both for the animal (obviously) and visitors of the zoo.

The Minnesota Zoo had a monorail system as well, something the Como Zoo didn't have.  It was fun, and nice for some people who would rather sit and ride than walk the zoo grounds.  But now, they are adding a new feature.  There was a post on the Minnesota Zoo Facebook Page stating that this is now in progress- a pedestrian trail where the previous monorail was.

Today is a historic day at the #MNZoo! Celebrating the official groundbreaking of the #TreetopTrail! This elevated walking path will be the longest of its kind. Offering new and nostalgic views, this path will run the same course as the previous monorail. #MNZooElevated

This will be fun.  There was some concern, as one commenter mentioned, what about bathrooms (she's a mom) and once we are on the pedestrian trail, are we on it until the end?  I'm sure as it is being built, this will be taken into consideration.

The trail will be at tree level, end the "TreetopTrail".  This will be a whole new experience. And the cool thing, is since you will be walking, you can stop and enjoy what you'd like to instead of the monorail in constant motion.

According to Bring Me the News, this is the projected timeframe for the Treetop Trail:

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