Being fired can be a devastating experience for a lot of people. There is never a good time to be unemployed.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Being in radio, it's just the nature of the beast. I've been fired or I guess "let go" sounds better, doesn't it. No matter what you call it, it sucks.

I was once fired for an hour and a half and then hired back again. My wife can't understand how I can work in an industry where you can be canned at any time, sometimes for little or no reason. I guess you just have to not take it personally.

Some of the reasons I've heard over the years are, budget cuts (that's a big one), changing formats, moving in a different direction and one that probably only applied to me, 'Our stations can't be hosting something like Naked Weather Girl Friday".  Who knew?

What's your story? Ever been fired? Why and how did you handle it?


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