We read about it all the time. People being stalked. And not just famous people. Everyday people like you and me.

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When I was working for a radio station in Orlando, I did the 7 to midnight show. One night I may have said something a little on the naughty side. The phone rang and on the other end was a lady, who claimed to be a Sunday school teacher. She ripped into me for my comments and then hung up. A short time later she called back and simply stated "I know you love me, I can hear it in your voice".

I blew it off as some crank call. Then I began to notice a certain car cruising through the parking lot every night. Soon after I would get a call from the woman I dubbed the Church Lady. She would say some pretty provocative stuff and then hang up.

This went on for weeks. One night after my show, I went down to the parking garage, which was always empty except for my car. This night, there was another car parked close to mine. I recognized it as the car that had cruised the parking lot every night. I walked up to the car and there she was, the Church Lady, butt naked.

I only heard from her one time after that night. She called and said "I had a dream about you last night. But don't worry, you didn't die this time".

Soon after that I moved on to another radio station in another town.

Have you ever been stalked? What's your story?

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