Move over lefse, there is a new kid in town.  Actually it's not that new, but it is made in a very remote are of Minnesota, and only once per year.  And a lot of people (me included) hadn't heard of it until this story surfaced.


WCCO news in the twin cities ventured out to the very western part of the state in Lac qui Parle County, where this Norwegian "delicacy" is made.  This is a tradition that has been carried on for generations, and people drive for miles each year to partake in this tradition.

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Now, most people (or at least some people) have heard of potato dumplings which are called Klubb or Klub.  Simply put, they are dumplings made out of potatoes, pork or beef, butter and egg.  But this particular family adds another ingredient... blood.  Blood from either beef or pork, which is what gives it the dark color.

This family, the Moen family, has been making the Blood Klubb or Klub (pronounced kloob) for generations.  Normally, the family farms normal crops throughout the year, but every December, it becomes more of a blood klub factory, and people love it and really look forward to it every year.

 This all began nearly 50 years ago when Moen's dad, uncle and a few others, decided to make klub for friends and family. It grew from there, and now it's Josh's turn to feed his neighbors. He gets up early and he gets a lot of help.

What people choose to eat with the "potatoey" dumpling varies.  Some people choose to eat it with mustard, others with maple syrup.  That second one seems odd, but who am I to judge... I've never had the food.  If you check out the social media story above posted by WCCO, CBS news you'll see that when it's cut it resembles summer sausage.  There is really no other way to describe it.

Have you heard of this before? Or, even better, have you tried it?

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