I'm always amazed to find things that i did't know were in a state that I have lived for most of my life.

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This time, it's something called the "Grand Canyon of the North".  And if you look at pictures of this amazing place, it really does look like a "mini" Grand Canyon.  But what is it, you might ask?

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The Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine is located in Hibbing. And of course it doesn't look exactly like the Grand Canyon that is located in Arizona, but it's still pretty cool.

From Explore Minnesota:

The world's largest open pit iron ore mine and a national historic landmark. You can view the working mine from the observation area in historic North Hibbing. Please call for group tours. The Hibbing Tourist Center Senior Citizens manages and operates the mine site. Site and gift shop open May 15th thru September 30th each year. 

Even though it's closed for the season, it's still worth seeing if you can go and take some photos during the winter. It almost looks like something that would be located on another planet.  And the website does suggest that if you would like it to open for some special event or some other reason, arrangements can be made in advance.

If you plan on going up and checking out this area in the warmer months, you can see and experience some of the big equipment that is used in the mine.  It would be a fun and educational family trip idea.

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