It's awful when you lose a pet.  And by lose, I mean the lost.  Not passed over the rainbow bridge.  That is also awful, but hopefully this cat that is missing will have a happy ending.

A trucker from Arizona was passing through St. Cloud and stopped at the Pilot truckstop on Clearwater Road/Hwy 75 and the cat jumped out of the truck when the driver checked on the refrigerated trailer.

From the post, the cat will come when his name "Tom" is called, or if you shake some treats around.  He is white and gray, and is very friendly, but is obviously probably scared and cold now because he isn't with his owners.  He has a blue collar with a blue bell on it.  He's also only a year and a half old.

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Hopefully someone found or will find Tom.  He is microchipped, so if you find him, you can take him into a vet clinic or to the Tri-County Humane Society and they can scan the chip and find his owners.

According to the post, there is a reward being offered for the safe return of Tom the cat.  So hopefully this story will have a happy ending.

All of the information and description can be found in the post above.  Also has been shared on the Missing and Stolen or Found pets in the USA site.

If you live in the area neat Pilot truckstop, near McStop, might be a good idea to put out some cat food and be on the lookout.  Some suggested that it might also be a good idea to leave your garage door slightly open at the bottom so that the cat can get in and out of the cold if he happens by.

Positive vibes!

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