The internet is a breeding ground for all kinds of rumors. From celebrity deaths to concert announcements you never can be totally sure what to believe on the world wide web.

With that being said, forgive me for being skeptical when a Twitter X user mentioned certain Minneapolis crosswalks having a 'cheat code' that affords walkers a few extra seconds of time to cross the road safely.

The linked tweet says:

"In response to requests from Pillars of Prospect Park residents, the Minneapolis Traffic Division has modified the signals at the intersection of Malcolm and University Avenues SE to allow for a longer walk signal for crossing University.


In order to activate this request (which overrides usual crossing time) it is necessary to hold the push button for several seconds.. not just punch it. This provides an additional five seconds of walk time before the countdown begins.


Give it a try!"

Pillars of Prospect Park is a senior living community in the neighborhood.

Axios reporter Kyle Stokes went to Minneapolis and gave it a try. He confirms that holding the button down for five seconds gave him an additional 15 seconds to safely cross the road.

The reporter noted that there is no signage on the crosswalk to indicate that the feature is available, to which a city spokesperson replied that since the people who requested the change already know it is there, there is no need for signage.

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