My first thought is "yuck" why would ANYONE want this?  I mean, I do love me some ice cream.  Really one of my favorite treats.  That, and popcorn.  And I do like condiments on most things that I eat.  Whether it's mustard, yes, mustard on a hot dog, or ketchup on burgers or bbq sauce, whatever.  But as an ice cream?  I'm not sure those two things should get together as one food.

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But, here goes Heinz.  They have come up  with some do it yourself kits where you can make your own ice cream.  That part doesn't sound too bad.  It's the flavors that are available where you lose me.  Why would you want ketchup or mustard or bbq flavored ice cream?  Gross! At least I think it sounds terrible.

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You have some choices on flavors.  There are ketchup, Mayonnaise (can you imagine?), salad cream, bbq, saucy sauce (not sure what that is).  None of these sound like great choice.  But it might be kind of fun to try one and find out.  The kits currently cost about 15 pounds (UK) which equals to be just shy of $19 US.

The reason for this, is because of the pandemic, and things being a bit strange this summer, people may want to cool off with something new and innovative.  So, Heinz thinks why not?  While I'm totally on board with the ice cream part, that sounds wonderful, I'm questioning the flavors.  Couldn't Heinz come up with some more traditional flavors?  Or... maybe I'm wrong and people would like this?  There is a link on this site where you can order your DIY kits.  And the results so far are agreeing with me.  But, you do you.

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