Help Stop Disney From Ruining Star Wars

Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images


Okay people, this is serious. Yesterday it was announced that the “Game of Thrones” writers were getting their own Star Wars trilogy, alongside the trilogy that Rian Johnson is getting to write. If you add those up with the current trilogy and spin off films, that equals a grand total of 11 Star Wars films in less than a decade. That’s WAYYY too much Star Wars in a relatively short amount of time. I understand that Disney is trying to cash in on its 4 billion dollar investment, but I think I speak for most fans when I say that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In order to preserve the dignity of the Star Wars legacy, I’ve started a petition to try to convince Disney to take an extended hiatus from making Star Wars films after the release of Episode 9, in order to keep the franchise fresh and exciting. Join the rebellion and help me put an end to this! The link to the petition is below, and you can also find it on the Loon and River facebook pages. May the force be with us all.



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