ST. CLOUD -- Last week we told you about a federal report that says there is now one available job for every unemployed American. There is a comprehensive job search website here in the tri-county area looking to match-up those looking for work with open jobs.

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation spokeswoman Gail Cruikshank says their search bar allows you to look for local jobs in a variety of ways.

Just start doing some searching and it will start to bring up a variety of jobs.  And as you fine tune that search that represents what you're looking for, then you can save that search and all you have to do is type in your email and it will continue to give you more jobs that match your criteria.


Cruikshank says you can type in anything from job traits to a job description, to a specific company you'd like to work for.

Cruikshank says their site has over 5,000 open jobs right now.

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