You have to admit, there is so much to see in Minnesota. The abundance of beautiful lakes, beautiful Lake Superior, Paul Bunyan Statue, the world famous Mall of America, Target Field, US Bank Stadium and isn't the famous giant ball of twine somewhere in Minnesota?  So much to see, it's difficult to choose.

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I just recently was made aware of a hidden treasure, as far as tourist attractions go, right here in Minnesota. It's in a small, small town called Sedan, Minnesota. 355 Marsh Street, Sedan, Minnesota to be exact. Not that you'd have any trouble finding it in a town with the population of 45.

Sedan, Minnesota is only about 66 miles from St Cloud and located in Pope County. Not only does it feature a couple of drinking establishments, it is also home of what I think should be a huge tourist attraction in Minnesota, the Toaster Tree.

On the Toaster Tree Facebook page a person that goes by Kiasrai knows all about the origin of the Toaster Tree and explains it's history and how it all came about.

I come from a very very small town in rural Minnesota. There was a huge snowstorm in the 90's, and it caused a huge snow drift to form in this guys front yard. He wanted to show his young daughter how tall the drift had been when the snow melted, so he hung his busted toaster in the tree, so that it just touched the top of the drift. The town and surrounding area thought it was funny, so everyone started hanging their old toasters in the tree. It's been gathering toasters for more than 20 years now!

It's also had a variety of other things hung in it, such as a canoe, bikes, tires, corded phones, etc. To top it all off, the man who owns this tree also bought a hearse for fun and drives it to the local bar sometimes.

I think all we need now is a couple of giant Disney World type hotels to handle the influx of tourists, or maybe not.

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