If you're looking to get a promotion or just looking to impress your boss, your desk should look as organized as possible. I'll admit...my desk is not the cleanest of desks but I've seen way worse. Here's a list of things that could be making you look very unprofessional.

Business workspace
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  • Dishes and/or food containers: A lot of us bring lunch to work and that's fine. What isn't fine is if you have a collection of Tupperware or coffee mugs all over. I actually worked with someone that had food containers dating back weeks in their office. It was disgusting.
  • A bunch of papers and sticky notes: This one I'm guilty of. According to a survey of senior managers, a disorganized/messy work area was the "most distracting or annoying" thing about an employee's work area. Guess what I'm doing today?
  • Political things: There are two things that should not be talked about at work. Religion and politics. That goes for your work area decor as well.
  • Toys: This can depend on what kind of work environment you have. I work in radio so it's more laid back but in a lot of offices this can seem immature and unprofessional.
  • Out of season decorations: If you still have Christmas decorations in your work space, you should take them down. It makes you look lazy and forgetful.

If you're guilty (like me) of any of these, you should make it a priority to correct it soon. Here's more desk "don'ts" you should be aware of.

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