Even if you’re not a sports fan, if you’ve spent any time online this week you’ve probably seen at least one meme of “Rabid Chargers Fan”. The lady wearing the Los Angeles Chargers jersey, who is so into the game, looks as if she’s about to blow a gasket at any moment. 

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Her name is Merrianne Do and on Monday night the director/producer for ESPN kept showing camera shots of her watching the game between the Chargers and The Dallas Cowboys. It happened so often, some began to think she was a paid actor placed by the NFL or the Los Angeles Chargers.  

Since Monday we’ve learned a couple of things about Merrianne Do. First, Yahoo Sports reports she’s from Minnesota and was and is a Vikings fan. She says she moved to California 20 years ago and became a Chargers fan then.  

The second thing we’ve learned about Merrianne Do is that the way she was acting is allegedly a put on. Yahoo Sports  reports that Do and her husband planned the “nervous gesturing” and “over-celebrations” that she displayed on Monday. She’s evidentially been acting this way for a while during games. The goal was to get noticed and to go viral, which she now has. 

Yahoo also states that Do and her husband reached out to the Chargers organization following the game and told them they wanted their identities released, they wanted people to know who they are. Money was never the end goal (or so they say) but the notoriety was what they were after. Well, they’ve got that, but it may be more than they ask for.  


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