"Hey check out the trunk on that one and look at those great headlights". Okay, all kidding aside (not really), this year's annual Nude Car Show is scheduled to take place in Cambridge, Wisconsin, August 12th at the Valley View Recreation Club

There will be a raffle, drawing and car show awards. the car voting will end at 11;30 AM and the Parade of Cars starts at 12:30.

The Valley View Recreation Club is a place where you can let it all air out, I mean hang out. The campground is open May through September and there are several activities to take part in;

  • International Skinny Dip Day
  • Coed Naked Volleyball
  • Women's 3 on 3 Volleyball Tournament
  • Wisconsin's Naked Mile and Body Painting Festival

Where exactly is Cambridge, Wisconsin?  The address is NN3080 East Rockdale Road, Cambridge, Wisconsin. About 60 miles west of Milwaukee and 20 mile east of Madison.

There are many other events scheduled during the day. Check out the Valley View Recreational Club website for more info.

Someone should put together a Minnesota Nude Car Show. There are several nudist spots though out the state.

When attending the car show please be courteous and try not to smudge the cars on display with your dipstick and/or headlights. If I was displaying a car at this show, I would definitely have my car roped off.

We will keep you abreast of any future developments for this big event. Stay tuned.

Make your calendars for the Annual Nude Car Show August 12th at the Valley View Recreational Club in Cambridge, Wisconsin. It's "very casual".

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