I grew up in a small town from the age of 4 when we moved to the area (Eden Valley) from the metro.  Started life in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Being that I was only 4 years old, it's not like I really knew anything different than a small town.  But there are some definite advantages of growing up that way as well as some disadvantages.

I asked this question of all of you to say what it was like for you if you grew up in a small town.  And being that we (at least I was) were part of the forgotten generation (Gen X), we grew up before almost everything digital.  Atari was the biggest thing we had with Frogger, Pac Man, Mario Bros, etc.  Most of the entertainmet that we had came from our own imagination and creativity.

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The most common answer that was given on our Facebook page was making sure that we all got home when the street lights came on.  That's when you knew it was time to get home.  Kids riding their bikes all over town.  That was the main mode of transportation.  I agree with that.  We would ride our bikes to the next town (11 miles away) and go to the DQ, then ride our bikes home again.  That was a whole day's event.  Right now I wouldn't imagine anyone would do that unless they were riding for exercise only.  We didn't really have options.

Some of the other responses were kind of funny.  Growing up when we did sometimes kids were a little naughty.  Not naughty by today's standards in some ways, but still naughty.  You can check out the responses here.  See if you can relate.

Maybe it would be a good idea to get kids outside more than looking at a screen for hours in a day.

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