I'm not sure that this is a great thing to have or not, but the St. Cloud area has had two housed (that I can think of) on HGTV's Ugliest House in American series.  On the other hand, if you can win the Ugliest House in America, it can bring you a great makeover and wind up with an amazing house when it's all said and done.

HGTV via Youtube.com
HGTV via Youtube.com
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I do feel like when the Poseidon House was featured on the show, it should have won.  That thing was terrible. BUT, the renovation budget for this series is $150,000.  I would say that the Poseidon House needed much more than that amount of money, that is, when you consider all of the concrete and built-ins that that house still has.  The owners (it's back on the market now) did remodel it as much as they could, but it still needs work.

Anyway, there is another house in St. Cloud located on Riverside Drive that is being featured on the show this season.  Will it win?  I hope so.

When will the episode witht he St. Cloud house air?  It is scheduled for the first week of May.

Last summer, we saw, as a lot of others did, a crew from HGTV swarming around a home located on Riverside Drive.  In a story that we did 2 years ago in 2022, this same house was listed by Edina Realty and was dubbed the "Barbie House".  We saw some very unique decor in this house.  So unique, that now that same house is being featured on the "Ugliest House in America" show.  So, not just unique, but also described as "hideous" or "ugly".  So, will this house win?  I kind of hope so.  Stay tuned!

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