We all have that neighbor, or know of a family who decorates their house with lots and lots and LOTS of Christmas decorations and lights.  And many of us refer to that house as the "Griswolds".  And most everyone will get that reference as the family from the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  

Christmas Vacation is one of those movies that is played every year in our house.  It's a classic.  And very quotable.  SO many one liners from that movie and it never gets old.  You just have to say one thing from that movie and most people will smile and nod, because they know exactly what you are talking about.  "The Blessing", "Clark, that there is an RV", and the most classic line of "Sh***er was FULL!" There are even t-shirts with that saying on them.

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A family in a small town in Minnesota, Waconia, have taken it upon themselves to award families in the area with the "Clark W Griswold award".  This is bestowed up families that have lots of decorations, even over the top décor for the holiday.  They drive around the area looking for houses that are lit up and are deserving of the award.  They also do this anonymously.

A friend of the anonymous people spoke with Bring Me the News and shared that this award has been handed out for the last 16 years.

A couple of members from a Waconia community page on Facebook posted the fliers left at their homes in December, wondering who to thank for the gesture. The family said through a friend that they prefer "the magic of being anonymous" when handing out these awards.

That's part of the "magic" of the season, so don't expect to find out who is giving out the "exellence in exterior illumination" award any time soon.  And I think that is totally ok.  There's something fun about not knowing who the award comes from, and also fun to receive the award.  Keep lighting things up, Waconia!

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