It's not even Thanksgiving.  I mean, we are barely over Halloween.  This is too soon; in my opinion.

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Now, holiday drinks, cups, tumblers and ornaments have now made their way to Starbucks.  What happened to all of the pumpkin spice stuff?  I'm not a huge fan, other than the pumpkin spice cold brew, but this seems too soon to have already done away with all of the Fall stuff and we have moved right into the Christmas season.

attachment-Starbucks Holiday tumblers

Starbucks has holiday flavored drinks such as the Sugar Cookie Almond Milk latte (that one is pretty good and doesn't have a ton of calories), they also have a Chai holiday drink - both hot or iced versions.  And some other holiday drinks to choose from.  Plus, they have brought out the holiday tumblers.  The straws that are included with some of them are actualy kind of cool.  They also have little tree ornaments that are in the shape of their holday cups. I guess if you have that lover of Starbucks coffee on your holiday shopping list, this might be where you would want to go.

attachment-Starbucks ornaments
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

I was at Crossroads mall yesterday, and honestly I was surprised that the Santa stand hadn't been set up.  With everything else already going to the holidays, why not just bring Santa on too?

If you are in that holiday mode, and you are doing some holiday shopping, stop by Starbucks and grab a cup of one of their holiday drinks in the holiday cup and be on your way. I suppose thers is that to get you into the holiday swing of things.

But still - honestly, it's too soon.

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