Most anyone and everyone you have spoken to recently has seen the Netflix series "Tiger King".  It's this crazy documentary about Joe Exotic and his life with big cats.  It also involves polygamy, some drug use, a rivalry with another big cat owner, Carol Baskin.  She is supposedly a big cat rescue advocate.  Only, all of those cats are in cages too.  Like literally she talks about how it's horrible to keep these cats in cages as she is walking by all of the cats in cages.  You can't make this stuff up.

Via Honest Trailers
Via Honest Trailers

Then, of course there is the accusation that Ms Baskin had killed her first husband and fed him to the tigers.  Maybe she did... maybe she didn't.  Watch the series, if you haven't already, and make your decision.  I personally feel that she totally might have done that.

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But the normal trailer you see focuses on things that don't have to do with the above mentioned.  Except for the fact that it starts off with you knowing that Joe Exotic is in jail. You see how that actually happens.  This is a trailer that they should have run... and HONEST trailer:

See?  If you've seen this docu-series, you know this is way more accurate and honest than the original, right?

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