It's that time of year when usually we have a lot of rain, and quite a few storms... usually.  This year it's been unusually hot, and VERY dry.  Fire warnings everywhere and lawns drying up and also- algae growing in lakes and ponds. Some of it can be very toxic. Usually this doesn't happen until later in the Summer.  But this year it's something that we need to consider and be aware of, especially if you are a dog owner.  And your dog likes jumping and playing in the area lakes.

The Minnesota Polution Control has some warnings for pets on their website.  They say that the weather we have been having recently is a great condition for the blue-green algae to grow. That is the kind that is toxic to dogs.  And you might not even know that the lake you are heading to has any sort of issue.  If you have any doubt at all, it's best to just stay out.  And if your dog has jumped into a body of water that does have some algae, make sure to hose them off before they have a chance to lick any of it off of themselves.

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The website also states that not all algae is toxic, but you don't know which is or isn't.

 Most blue-green algae are not toxic, but there is no way to visually identify whether a particular bloom contains toxins that are harmful to people or animals. Once an algae bloom has developed, there is no way to correct it. Blooms often come and go quickly, so the best option is to stay away from the water until rainfall, wind shifts, or cooler temperatures disrupt the algae’s growth.

This is why it's a good idea to just play it safe and avoid algae altogether.  That way you and your pets will stay safe.

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