Suspension followed a Rogers student after writing a website a response that he'd made out with his 28-year old teacher. He ended up with a $425k settlement from it.

The now 19-year old student who sued the Elk River school district because of the suspension when he was age 17 because of his identifiable website response that asked him if he'd ever made out with a 28-year old teacher at his school. His 2-letter response was "Actually, yeah", which got him suspended when school officials became aware of the social media conversation. At the time he was an honors student, captain of the football and basketball team.

The city claimed that once served a lawsuit, it was cheaper to settle the lawsuit rather than pay to fight it with lawyers.

Personally I feel both were in the wrong here and nobody should have been slapped with a ruler. First of all, there was no proof the student made out with a school teacher. Second, because of that proof there should no have been a suspension. It doesn't matter if he was a captain of the chess club. Everybody was at fault. This scares me with the "sue-happy" world we live in today.