We are almost done with February - so that means we are 2 months into 2017. How are those New Years Resolutions coming - are you still on the wagon?

After the first month of the year, only 58.4% of people who made a New Year Resolution are still maintained - that means 41.6% have fallen off the wagon within the first 4 weeks of the new year. Now that we are 8 weeks deep - that number has again been cut in half. Are you one of the few who are still working on their New Years Resolutions?

If you'd like a reminder, here are the Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2017:

  1. Lose Weight / Healthier Eating
  2. Life / Self Improvements
  3. Better Financial Decisions
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Do more exciting things
  6. Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends
  7. Work out more often
  8. Learn something new on my own
  9. Do more good deeds for others
  10. Find the love of my life