Baxter and I were talking about this this morning...things you are supposed to clean more often than you do.  Mattress was one of them.  How are you supposed to wash a mattress?  It's ridiculous.  I just imagine a giant washing machine that you shove your mattress into.  Like that's gonna work.

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Well, here is the actual deal.  Along with flipping your mattress once a year, you are supposed to sprinkle baking soda on it and vacuum it up.  Then spray with lysol. Do this every 2 months.   Hmmm.  Wondering if it would be easier to just buy a new one.  By the way, you're supposed to do that every 8 years.

Other things that you are supposed to be cleaning that you aren't, or should be more often are Microwave... duh.  The Bathtub one a week, fridge once a month, and here's a weird one, your pillows once every three months.  Apparently you can throw those in the washing machine.  I mean, I wash the pillow cases  along with the sheets once a week or so, but actually washing the pillows themselves??  I've never done that.

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Now I suddenly feel gross... pillows.  Maybe that's why people get acne.  Just a thought.