Here we are - celebrating the fact that in 50 years, this is the first time that all 30 MLB teams will be playing on the same day.  So, Dairy Queen decided to honor that day with a special blizzard.  Yay!  My favorite treat at Dairy Queen!

And it sounds delicious, too.  It's called the Triple Play BlizzardBut guess what- even though Dairy Queen is based here in Minnesota, they will not be offering that particular blizzard in Minnesota.  Why??  Well, because the Twins are not playing at home for the very first game.  Dairy Queen will only offer it in the 15 cities that are hosting the MLB opener... and on top of that, only one store in each city will offer the special Blizzard.

You can check out the list here, but it won't be in the Twin Cities.  But it's available tomorrow.  There is one thing that we can do, however.  If you request the Triple Play Blizzard, and enough people do that, they will think about expanding it for opening day of 2019.

Doesn't really help for this year, but there ya go- maybe next year.  Sounds like a phrase that we hear quite often in Minnesota...

Until then, we can still enjoy our Twins home opener which will happen on April 5th vs the Seattle Mariners.  Go Twins!

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