There's a new wave of central Minnesotans that are close to turning 40 this year, and if you don't turn some things around right now, you're in for a heck of a bad ride in the next coming years.

You might remember when you were a kid and your parents were turning 40, and they looked OLD to you. Now your turn is coming up and you need to start considering these few things before you hit that mid-life age, trying to avoid looking the same.

Daily Mail's Health article recently posted, talks all about the magical age of 40 and how it's critical to focus on heart health as you approach that age. Bad habits in your 20's that continue in your 30's, are going to kick you in the butt in your 40's, so you need to start thinking about these things now.


Like we didn't need to tell you it was a bad idea to even start, but now it's a must to quit. The older you get, the harder it is to quit the habit. Your arteries and lungs are going to start having a hard time functioning properly if they aren't already because of your other bad habits.


If you're still ordering a pizza all for yourself at the last minute, it's time to consider how your body's metabolism is slowing down naturally. Eating like you did in your 20's isn't going to look very good in your 40's. Start looking at counting calories cause if you aren't very active anymore, then your body will just store those calories as fat. It's not a good look for anybody.


This goes hand-in-hand with food portion control and most of us don't like to work out, but it's never been more important when you hit your 40's. It's not only good to get your heart rate going and keeping it strong, but also to kick start calorie burning and kick-start your metabolism. The St. Cloud area has nearly a dozen gyms to choose from, so it's likely there's one not too far from you. Whatever way you can think of to get your sweat on will help, as long as you get 30-45 minutes in a day. Yes, even sex burns a ton of calories so have at it ladies and gentlemen!


As difficult as this can be to have control of, it's important to start getting rid of as much as possible. Getting out and enjoying all the beautiful Minnesota scenery can do a lot to forget about all the things that tense you up. Spring is right around the corner and there's a ton of fun things this entire area has going on to concentrate on fun. Try to get out and enjoy it, versus long days at work and taking it all home with you.


A recent study found that those who are anti-social are 30% more likely to develop heart problems after the age of 40. It's very easy to become a hermit, and the longer you isolate yourself, the harder it is to stop being anti-social. There are hundreds of choices every day to go to in St. Cloud and surrounding areas for getting your social on. Just remember all the points above when you go out with friends, as you could end up doing more damage than good.

Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

Yeah, it sucks turning 40, but that's life! You can choose to live happy and healthy, or just tell yourself that your life is 1/2 way over and let things go down hill. Whatever you choose, just have fun doing it. None of us want to spend the second half of our life fighting our entire day trying to stay young. Savor your age and grow old gracefully and happy, all while considering these habits to help ensure a long and happy life!

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