Imagine a year from now, or two, three or four years from now. Think of the conversations we might have with other people. Imagine talking with someone about the old “COVID" days.

“Remember when?”, someone might say. And they would go on telling a story about some humorous incident that happened during the coronavirus pandemic (but it probably wasn't funny then). Or a very sad and heartfelt story of losing someone close, and the difficulty of having to get through those tough times.

It could be a story about a business barely surviving after being shut down but now is thriving. Or maybe it’s about losing a job but in the end, it turned out to be something that led to a better situation for them. Maybe it’s just some silly story about “wearing a mask”. 

No matter what it is, isn’t great to think about THAT future? A future where all of this COVID stuff is in the past? We can all imagine it.

That “future” might be a little bit closer. At least according to tests being done by Oxford University. 

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Back in late February, early March. Scientists from Oxford University asked for volunteers for a COVID study in the attempt to find a cure. 

The University's results are a positive step forward that could help life get back to normal. But it's early and we need to keep our expectations in check. But at least it's something to look forward to. And right now, we need something to look forward to.

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