We here about some really stupid laws that somehow get passed. I would love to be in on the session where the majority thought these laws needed to be implemented.

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Take for instance, in New York Monday through Saturday, you are perfectly within the law carrying an ice cream cone in your pocket. But don't try it on Sunday, it's against the law.

In Alabama, it's against the law to wear a fake mustache in church. Evidently, church goers didn't want any laughter during church.

North Dakota cracked down on people that fall asleep with their shoes on the bed. That would be a no no.

In Ohio, it's against the law to disrobe in front of a portrait of a man. It might be okay to do it in front of an actual man, but not a portrait of one.

Hawaii looks like it's cracking down on Grandpa's lame magic trick. It's actually illegal to put a coin in an ear. I don't recommend turning Grandpa in. Maybe let him go with a warning.

if you are in Utah, over 65 and unable to reproduce, it's perfectly fine to marry your first cousin.

No matter how much he begs, don't give a dog a lit cigar in Illinois. It's against the law.

Alaska has a law forbidding getting drunk in a bar. In 2012 the actually launched a raid and arrested intoxicated patrons in bars.

I'm afraid that if lived in Maryland, I'd be doing hard time. it's against the law to swear on a highway or public street. I think most of us would be locked up.


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