Black Friday has come and gone and once again, I saved a lot of money. Oh, yes, there were deals everywhere and most people saved some money. I saved a whole bunch  of money. Want to know how?

How to win money
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I didn't buy anything!  Simple, yet effective.

I just never seems worth it to throw myself into the depths of retail hell just to save a few bucks. I read and hear all the horror stories but never feel the need to witness the human depravity called Black Friday.

So, I woke up Saturday morning with the same amount of money in my pocket as I had on Thursday. That gave me a much better feeling than scoring a TV,made in some third world country, at 50% off.

I guess I'll never comprehend what makes people camp out in the cold for days to save a few bucks and trample their fellow shoppers in an effort to get cheap stuff.  Especially, right after supposedly being thankful for what they already have.

Want to save big money next Black Friday?  Stay home.

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