There’s a ton of big-name concerts coming to Minnesota, and it’s all over the board on how long some of them play. Here's the results from that burning question...

It’s been rumored that if you go to a Bruce Springsteen concert, prepare for a 4-hour performance from “The Boss”. He’s got a lot of hits and fills time with great banter in between. Then there’s Guns N’ Roses who may give you a 1-hour show one night, or a 3-hour on another, depending how they feel that day.

My opinion is that for each hour I’m at a concert, I want a drink in my hand during most of it. That $12 beer adds up quickly, so a 4-hour concert is going to cost me some money. It better be filled with something magical or it’s just too long. I want to hear the hits, one after another, feeling like it ended too soon after the last encore is played.

We asked for your take on a general "big name" concert with a ton of hits that can be played, how long should it be? Here's the results:

90 minutes (hour and a half) - 16.67%
120 minutes (2 hours) - 33.33%
150 minutes (2 and a half hours) - 33.33%
180 minutes (3 hours) - 16.67%

So the majority of central Minnesotans are pretty comfy with a 2 to 2.5 hour concert. From some of the Facebook comments - if it's a Bruce Springsteen concert then it can go as long as he wants and they'll be happy!

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