The quietest place on earth is located fairly close to home - located in Minneapolis.  The absence of sound makes it to almost negative decibels.  The room is so quiet that you CAN actually hear a pin drop...on carpet.  Apparently if you are in the room long enough you will be able to hear your blood moving throughout your body, and your heart pumping.  Not just feeling it... you will be able to hear it.  Crazy, right?

Because the room is so quiet, the average person has only been able to last for about 45 minutes in this room before you feel the need to get out, like right now!  People have even reported having hallucinations... both audio and visual.  Your brain/ears will start to hear things that aren't there.  It's like they are creating these "sounds".

"A Quiet Place" New York Premiere
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In the movie "A Quiet Place" the characters have to be completely silent or the monsters will come after them, as they are attracted to noise.  One of the kids is hearing impaired and they have all learned how to communicate without using sound.  This helps them in the movie.  In real life, the little girl is played by Millicent Simmonds who is completely deaf.  She says she could actually sit in that chamber all day.  She also likes that the other actors can appreciate what she goes through every day by going into the chamber.

This chamber has been used to test noise levels for various products, but most recently it has been a tourist stop.

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