Now that we have a Minnesota mask mandate, you might be wearing one a lot more than you were before.  So, you probably should have several on hand. And in fact, if you peruse any sort of social media, websites or whatever you are doing on the internet where ads may show up, chances are you have seen some cloth masks for sale.  These are the non-medical type.

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Since we are all wearing them a lot more than before, they will need to be washed.  Especially since they are supposed to be used for the slowing of the spread of COVID-19.  Whether or not you think that the masks work, you still should be washing the thing.  Unless you have like 50 of them (some people do) then you could wait a bit before washing each one. But you should be washing them on a daily.

First, you need to have a mask that fits below and covers your chin, as well as covering your nose. And if you hold it up to the light and you can see through the fibers, it is too thin.  That one is a toughy, because the thin ones are probably more comfy and easier to breathe through.  But they don't do anything to protect others from the virus.

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When you do wash it, you can actually just throw it in with the regular wash.  Just make sure to dry it completely before wearing it again. If you wash it by hand, you need to first soak it in a bleach mixture (not the bleach for colors) and then wash it with soap and water.  Also, before removing your mask, or putting it back on, you really should wash your hands each time.

Hopefully this whole thing will end soon, but there really doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

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