Moondance Jam.  It's one of those iconic festivals that has been around for almost 30 years.  Two years ago they went through some restructuring and changed Moondance Jam and Moondance Jammin Country to Moondance Rock Weekend and Moondance Country Weekend.  It's a bit of a smaller festival that Moondance Jam was, but still with the same feel that the festival that jammers have come to love over the last couple of decades.

This year the Moondance Rock Weekend is 3 days long, and is scheduled for July 20-22.  The lineup includes 

Stone Temple Pilots, Rick Springfield, Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, Vixen, Bandfinger and more!

Camping is also available.  If you would like to reserve your camping spot, youi can do that through their website.  This year there is only reserved camping available.  Other years that has been general camping where you basically could plop down a tent anywhere, but this year... and since the restructuring there is only reserved camping available.  There are also showers available which is a definite plus.

Would you like to WIN a pair of 3 day passes?  Here is how you do that:  Download the Loon Mobile App. It's free through Google Play and the App Store.

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Then use the CHAT feature to text us the word MOONDANCE.  We will be picking winners, yes, WINNERS, as in more than one, tomorrow morning (Wednesday).  (Camping is not included with these tickets).

Good Luck and get ready to JAM at Moondance Rock Weekend in Walker, Minnesota!

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