Football is back! As much as I like the break from football (mostly to keep my sanity), I'm glad football is back. Like most Minnesotan's, I bleed purple. A win can make my week and a loss can ruin it.

There are a lot of reason to be excited for this season. New offensive coordinator(s), improved o-line and a healthy Cook (hopefully it stays that way).

Vikings Game My daughter and I 1

So how do I think our purple will do this year? Well, I think it's going to be a pretty good year. The north is a tough division with Da Bears back as a good team (it's been awhile) and the Pack still has Juicy A-Rog (that always counts for something).

I predict the Vikings will go 10 and 6. Possibly 11 and 5. I don't see anymore than 11 wins this year. There are some tough roads games against really good teams. If Cousins in his second season and this new look can't improve, I will have a lot of wrecked weeks.


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