After an off week for new records last week due to the New Year’s Holiday, the new vinyl list is a pretty good size again this week. Below are highlights of what I think are some of the better releases.

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--AMERICA Now Playing: 10 of the band’s biggest hits from the 70s. On brick-and-mortar store exclusive green Coke bottle vinyl.

--DANDY WARHOLS The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald: My had to include it pick of the week, the alternative rock mainstays cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s classic ballad they did in 1999 being released on 7” silver vinyl.

--DOORS Alive She Cried:  A re-release of the band’s 2nd official live album from 1983 for its 40th Anniversary. On vinyl for the first time since its original release on brick-and-mortar store-exclusive emerald green vinyl.

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--FOGHAT Now Playing:  Another album in Rhino Records “Now Playing” series featuring 10 classic tracks. Available on clear/tan vinyl.

--VARIOUS ARTISTS Three Amigos!: Yes, that Three Amigos! with Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. The soundtrack features the three comedians singing the title track, plus Randy Newman compositions like "My Little Buttercup" and "The Singing Bush." It is another brick-and-mortar exclusive.

--YES Yes:  A Re-release of the debut studio album from July of 1969. It features their covers of the Beatles' "Every Little Thing" and the Byrds' "I Can See You." It is being released on brick-and-mortar exclusive cobalt vinyl.

You can find these, other great new releases, and vinyl from your favorite band at stores like the Electric Fetus and Down In the Valley.




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