I have lived 80 percent of my life in Minnesota.  There are things that I didn't know as I was growing up that I feel like I should have known.  But they are things that are VERY Minnesotan, apparently.  Granted, my father isn't from Minnesota. He is from the East coast.  But my mother was a native Minnesotan, born and raised in St. Paul.  So, even though my parents aren't from this area, I do feel like I should have known some of these things.

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I had no idea what that was until about 4th or 5th grade.  My family said casserole.  I was at someone else's house and they said they were having "hot dish" for "supper" (that also threw me - we said dinner for the evening meal) I was wondering what I was supposed to do with the "hot dish".  Like I actually thought they were going to pass around a dish that was very hot.  Did we need oven mitts?


Now this one seems pretty elementary, right?  Except when referring to Miracle Whip.  I just said Miracle Whip. Apparently that wasn't right.  People called it "salad dressing".  I think of salad dressing as French, Ranch, Blue Cheese... etc.  Not Miracle Whip sandwich spread.  I think it did used to say salad dressing on the jar...maybe it still does.  I haven't paid that much attention to that, but I think I may stick with the idea that it isn't salad dressing.  Oye.


When people are saying that they think things are cute, funny, weird, or whatever other adjective you can come up with, add a "for" or "too" in front of it.  Example: "Oh, that is too cute!" or "Oh, for dumb".  Why not just say it's cute or dumb, or whatever it is?  Is that a Minnesota thing?


This one is odd, and seems normal.  People from other states seem to think that Minnesotans are strange for ending a sentence using "with".  Example: "Do you want to go with?"  They say that we are ending in the middle of the sentence.  Apparently there should be another word at the end of those sentences.  I guess I usually use the word "along" instead of "with".  How about you?  Have you had people correct you?

What other "Minnesota-isms" can you name?

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