You don't do the work, you get a zero.  Case closed.  Or is it?  This just seems so ridiculous to me.  Why in the world would you get 50 percent, which is half the credit when you didn't do ANY of the work?

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This is what happened in Florida.  And I hear about this kind of thing happening right here in St. Cloud and the surrounding area too.  I don't get it.  The scenario was this... student didn't hand in or didn't do the required homework or assignment.  So, the teacher gave the student a zero.  School policy is that the lowest score you can give a student is 50 percent.  Which seems completely asinine.  It's like when kids play a sport and no one wins or loses.  How are you going to adult in life?  I get it when the kids are super small and it's just about playing and teamwork or something.  But when kids get to be the age of complete understanding, there needs to be rewards for achieving a goal and an opportunity to do better if you didn't.  Otherwise, what's the point?

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Now, this teacher didn't just have to change the student's grade.  She was FIRED for this.  Which also seems like a major overreaction.

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Am I wrong??