When I was a dumb kid (I'm now a dumb adult), my buddies and I went down I35 in Lakeville to get to the movie theater. One of my buddies thought it would be funny to do a U-turn through the median of the freeway, which I did not think was funny in the least.

Upon telling people the story later in life, I would always explain that we were traveling at 70 mph when my buddy 'whipped a sh**ty,' which required no further explanation. It meant that he made a dangerous and abrupt U-turn.

As it turns out, Minnesotans may be the only ones who are familiar with the term. On a recent Reddit post, people from around the United States and beyond chimed in with what their term for 'whipping a sh**ty' is where they are from.

The original poster said he knows the maneuver as a 'donut,' which I personally thing is something different altogether, like when you just dive around in circles for a bit.

However, many Reddit commenters from the Land Of 10,000 Lakes have mentioned they were under the impression that 'donuts' were done on dry land, while 'whipping sh**ties' referred to circles driven on ice or snow.

A commenter on the post said that in Nebraska it is known as 'doing cookies,' which again I believe is more like doing donuts.

One Redditor says that Minnesotans up north call it 'flipping a hooker,' which I have never heard but somehow makes sense.


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