Yesterday was National Radio Day and it got me thinking about what great fun I've had being on the air every day.

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I do tend to pretend this radio business is a job but the truth is, it's always felt like an honor and privilege to be part of this business. On those rare days I'm not so thrilled about what I do, I tell myself "Ya know, it beats working for a living". That usually snaps me back.

I started in radio in the mid 80's as a sales rep. Turns out I spent most of my time at the station hanging out in the studio with the on air people. I thought, I could do this.

I applied at another radio station and was hired part time weekends. My first shift was an overnight show. I arrived plenty early and just tried to psych myself up. I actually got so nervous I decided I'd sneak into the studio and grab my jacket and just bag this whole radio idea.

As I walked in the studio, the guy I was taking over for was walking toward the door and said, "I'm outta here. It's all yours".  Sh*t, all of a sudden I was stuck.

That first station was in Fargo, ND. From there I went to Orlando Florida and worked for several years at the #1 rock station in the market. This place was probably the most fun I ever had in radio and definitely the most educational.

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Well, all good things must come to an end. after several years, a new general manager came in and systematically fired everyone and replaced us with cheaper talent.

This prompted my move back to Fargo to work at a new classic rock station. This job gave me my first opportunity to do mornings. I went through a few stations in the market before heading to St Cloud in '99.

Funny thing is, timing was on my side. Getting fired in radio is just the nature of the beast. Once I got fired for an hour and a half, but that's whole other story.  I got a call from Jackie Brown, who was the program director at the Loon. She asked if I would want to come to St Cloud and do mornings on the Loon?  Since I was already working at the time I replied that I was happy where I was but thanks anyway.

Twenty minutes later, I was called into the bosses office and let go. No real reason. That's kind of the norm in this business. Anyway, I called Jackie Brown back at the Loon and said "Ya know, I've been thinking. I'd love to come work at the Loon".

That was over 20 years ago. I did leave the Loon in 2013 but made a comeback in 2016. We brought Laura back to the morning show and the rest is history.


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