As many of you know, i live in Fargo and spend 5 days a week here in St Cloud. I'm sure my wife appreciates her alone time every week. Anyway, for the first couple of years I was in a hotel suite and it was great. Free WiFi, Cable, HBO, exercise room, pool, free coffee and breakfast, hot tub and pool, oh, and air conditioning.. I freakin' had it made. Well that deal ended and I was forced to find something else. I ended up renting the master bedroom in an apartment. It basically had everything I needed, so I thought. But then the hot weather set in and I realized I was located a fair distance from the living room where the air conditioning unit is. Last week was a bitch trying to sleep in this hot room. I like it cold when I sleep. My wife, worried about my lack of sleep or just tired of hearing me complain, bought me one of those portable air conditioners. I have to say, these things are great and once again I'm sleeping like a junkie on the bus.

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