This past Tuesday morning at around 5:15, as I was putting on my pants to go to work (I'm considerate like that). All of a sudden, I hear a big explosion followed by another.


I later figured out that the explosions were probably concussion grenades that law enforcement uses in these situations to kind of temporarily stun everyone in the house. Then I heard the sound of a bunch of people frantically yelling.

Now, even living close to SCSU, this is slightly unusual for 5:15 on a Tuesday morning.

As I mosey on over to the window, I see the street in front of my apartment building flooded with police and sheriff vehicles. In the driveway of the house next door I see a Task Force truck all lit up.

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It became very obvious that the house next door was getting busted big time. There must have been 20 to 30 cops covering the area.

I'm not sure what exactly the reason for the bust was. There was always a high amount of traffic in and out of the place. I kind of had a hunch that things next door might not be on the up and up but I tend to mind my own business.

Because my usual route to 5th Avenue was blocked with police vehicles,  I circled around the block notices squad cars parked around the block.  I'm guessing they were watching for runners.

Anyway, kind of exciting start to a Tuesday morning. I'll keep you up to date as more details come out.


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