According to Reuters, more than a third of Americans have used cleaners and disinfectants inappropriately in an effort to ward off the coronavirus. This is a survey that was conducted after the president inquired on national TV whether injecting these chemicals could help treat COVID-19.

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Some of the high risk practices were washing food with bleach, using these cleaning and disinfectant chemicals on bare skin and purposely inhaling or ingesting these products were the most common reported "high risk" actions according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The survey was conducted May 4th, using 502 adults. The survey found that there was a sharp increase in calls to poison control centers by people misusing these products during the pandemic.

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Producers of these household cleaning and disinfectant products were compelled to urge people not to use these products as a means to ward off the coronavirus, despite what you may have heard. Duh!

It's scary to think that 39 percent of the people in the survey admitted doing one of these "high risk" practices not recommended by the CDC to prevent the coronavirus.

Four percent said they drank or gargled diluted bleach, soapy water or disinfectants. Twenty-five percent said they had at least one adverse effect that they attributed to using these chemicals inappropriately.

Do you know anyone that has tried this?  I can't believe anyone here in the great state of Minnesota could be so stupid.  But you just never know, right?



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