This last week... Johnny U came into the studio once again and did his "lame jokes" for Lame Joke Friday.  I know it says "Lake" joke Friday, but that's just wrong.

Johnny U 2-15-19

When he stopped in before his "big time in the spotlight" he just let us know that he was in the building and getting ready for give us his jokes for the week, he said he was  "working on it".  I think he needs to work a little bit harder on these each week.  This feature is aptly named. "Lame" Joke Friday.  It certainly is just that.

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This week there was once again a golf theme.  I was expecting that to happen much earlier since golf was one of the things that we were able to do way earlier than some other recreational things this Summer.  But these themed jokes just showed up a couple of weeks ago.

So, here we go with this week's feature for Lame Joke Friday.  The headline is "I want a bike" and the second (yes, there are 2) is "Idiot Golfing Husband".

Poor Johnny.  He says he works so hard on these every week.  Even working right up to the time that it airs.  And yet, this is the result of this "working on it".  Good thing he's good at his day job, because I don't think this joke/comedy thing is going to work out. Just a guess, but I just think that he's not cut out for this.  I could be wrong... but probably not.  HA!

Until next week... oh wait... until the week AFTER the 4th... we will have to wait until the 17th of July for more Lame Joke Friday jokes.

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